Hello we are THE DEPAYSEMENT; Hikaru. Satoru, Wataru and Maresuke!!! We are a true brother band that have peculiar performance style that change our musical instruments in some cases of our tunes.  We can entertain the audience by the performance that only we can do, but don't just take our word for it:
"They ROCKS!" - Canadian Girl
"I really enjoyed it". - Guy who worked at HMV Toronto
"The Miracle Band". - Mr. Yoshida (Member of Reefer), Mr. Kishimoto (Manager of club O-Nest)
Join The Depaysement in the first installment of their rock n' roll space adventure!  
When the General of the newly built moon base realizes morale is at an all time low, he seeks out a band to come play for the troops; in come The Depaysement!  Joining them on their tour is their naive, possibly in over his head, manager Ted. In an effort to popularize the band Ted has hired Pauly, a roadie to 'help' them with their gear.  Pauly is still living off of a legacy as one of the most in demand roadies from the 70s and 80s and Ted hopes he still has enough of a following to attract a crowd.  Along the way they are followed by two special agents dispatched by the Moon Base General to ensure this is indeed the band they want to launch up to the moon.
So much happening and its only the beginning...
Seeing is believing!!! 

Written by: Johnny Habu

                   Lucas French

Illustrated by:  Len Peralta