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Johnny Habu & The Rebel Salmon 

                 The band that started it all, self described as circus gypsy jazz folk rock, the Rebel Salmon have been spawning all across the United States and beyond!  They've released four albums on Rebel Salmon Records: Home is Where the Banana is (2011), It Came From The Basement! (2011), Architect of my Own Existence (2012) and SABABA! (2013).  Their latest album; SABABA! has been described as " [sounding] a bit like a dead elephant" by Cleveland Scene writer Jeff Niesel.  

Kids in Cages

​                  We're a devilish duo in Cleveland giving it up to our queer and straight communities alike.  In 2014 Kids in Cages released their self titled debut E.P. Check out their video for one of the tracks off their debut: Canine, on Youtube.  

Virgin Lungs

The Ni Neer Ni Neers

                   The brain child of the Rebel Salmon's Johnny Habu and Virgin Lung's Eli Schabes, their sole release; "Submitted for Your Approval" (2013) was written after a week long marathon of watching The Twilight Zone.  The album was written and recorded over a period of two days with all lyrics written in a stream of consciousness.  

Magic Panther

         "Soap and oil never mix, but grease attracts grease," says lead singer Jules Viernen of finding his mates in Magic Panther. An aphorism, but he's not just blowing smoke; the chemistry is natural between Viernen and his four bandmates, all of whom seem to find their green skin and slimy appearance unremarkable. For the last two years, this pockmarked bunch has been blasting it up as the weekly house band for Vernon's in Allston, traveling to gigs exclusively by the sewer system. 

          Look for Magic Panther's debut release on Rebel Salmon Records later this year!